KLC Electronics provides a wide range of engineering consulting services for the renewable energy industry including wind power, solar and geothermal. With decades of experience we can help with the design, development and prototyping of control systems, electrical systems, safety systems, data acquisition systems and many other aspects of renewable energy products.

30+ years of wind and solar energy industries including design, development, prototype assembly and testing of digital, analog, and microprocessor based control and data acquisition systems for small, medium and multi-megawatt wind turbine designs from 500 watts to 10 MW.


•  Electronic control & data acquisition system design .

•  Custom embedded control system design and


•  Electrical system design and development

•  Wind  turbine lightning protection system design

•  Engineering system design review and analysis

•  Technical writing including, patent IP, documentation and brochure review. 

We are adapt at new product release including the many requirements of national and international codes, lightning protection, grounding, bonding, shielding and EMI protection in general. In addition, we provide at technical writing services for all aspect of new and revised products including specification and requirements documentation, design review, patent IP write up and product descriptions.